TMR© Features

Our TMR© is intuitive and straightforward to use. Powerful features and settings reveal themselves as you discover what you always wished you could do.

Holedo makes employers look good and attract top talent.

Developed jointly with management and HR teams at:

Master internal & external communication

All too often, we misunderstand recruitment as an H.R. function when it needs to be an organisational discipline. Discipline requires effective communication and knowledge management. Our TMR© elevates organisational recruitment performance to new heights.

Easy, powerful information displays

How do you know if you are winning if you don’t know what the score is? Our TMR© captures and communicates all projects and events to all team members and managers.

The only tool you’ll every need.

Forget about stringing multiple tools together. Only our TMR© helps you manage the entire recruitment process from A to Z. From simple application management to powering a global, industry-specific H.R. marketplace, our TMR© works for you.

Community Management

Build a community around your industry or brand. Develop a talent pool interested in your sector.

Industry or company job boards

White label jobs board with 1-click applications and powerful candidate management

A.I. and machine learning

Powerful search and candidate matching algorithms.

Project Management

Manage projects and recruitment pipelines by job type or position.

Relationship Management

Attach notes and files to talent pool profiles and job applicants with granular control over privacy settings.

Client Management

Perfect for head hunters and recruiters serving multiple business units or internal clients.


Create and manage teams spanning departments, business units or an entire enterprise organization.

Easy organisational settings

Setup companies, recruitment pipelines, team members, access levels, user rights and communication templates.

Mission Control

Capture, manage, group, assign and track tasks for yourself or teams.

Encrypted Messenger

Conduct secure and private text, voice and video chats and conferences for individuals, groups and teams.

Management Dashboard

Our management dashboard clearly displays all recruitment activity with easy drill down into individual projects.

Content Management

Easily create a company page, blog, news or magazine pages.


Use membership grades or similar designations to reward community participation and profile completeness.

Job application cart

Our shopping cart option allows job seekers to bundle multiple jobs in their “jobs cart” and apply with 1-click.

Open API

Plug into hundreds of services and app through our extensive and expanding Zapier API integration.

Easy-breezy set up

Forget about adapting your workflow, policies or organisational structure to suit legacy I.T. systems. We designed our TMR© from the ground up to work for any employer. Our simple and powerful settings direct our TMR to work the way you work, from a small one-person setup to large enterprise teams.

"Conceived and designed by recruiters for recruiters and the organizations they serve."

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